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Sam Laudenberg grew up in Durban, qualified in Business and Marketing and after running her own coffee shop, and being a partner in a decor and accessories import business, Sam succumbed to her passion – and threw her heart and soul into beauty therapy and aesthetics. “I just love beauty! I always wanted to work in a salon – I get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I go into a salon,  I get the same warm and fuzzy feeling every time I look at nail colours, and I love being able to make a real difference in people’s lives!”

To be able to make a true difference Sam made sure she was fully qualified and holds International Level 4 Qualifications in Beauty Therapy from ITEC, as well as qualifications from the South African Association of Health and Skin Care Professionals (SAAHSCP). To add to this Sam has undergone advanced product and procedure training in specialist areas and has extensive experience in and knowledge of brands including DMK, Dr Perricone, Esse Organic Skin Care, Anesi, Lamelle, Clarins, Nimue and Environ.

Her desire to make this difference in people’s lives also led Sam to years of very serious research. “I believe in total integrity, so I’ve never been able to just take a product or treatment and sell it to someone without being sure it really worked. And by really worked I mean that besides immediate results, it needs to stand the test of time too. My research into the Or-Light for example lasted 4 years – I wanted to see what the long-term results were before I made promises I couldn’t keep. For example, there are too many quick fix pigmentation treatments out there. I believe only in offering long term solutions where clients don’t have to go back to the salon a year later for a repeat performance.”

Sam’s passion for fixing skin and helping people get their beauty back doesn’t stop at salon products and treatments. “I love the challenge of problem skin,” says Sam, “and I love the results that careful consultation can deliver. I believe very strongly that responsible, well researched beauty therapy can help any skin – and I believe in working closely with each individual client to produce a personal cocktail or recipe that suits that person’s preferred products, budget, lifestyle and beauty needs.

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